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Next year, approximately 242,000 men within the U.S. and the other 25,000 in Canada will probably be identified as having cancer of the prostate. The median chronilogical age of diagnosis is 67. With cancer of the prostate being so prevalent, finding treatments which are effective without significant side effects will be the focus for many urologists. A more modern cancer of prostate treatment that’s continuing to gain favor and results is HIFU - or Intense Focused Ultrasound.

Localized cancer of the prostate is cancer that’s completely in the men’s prostate. This is also known as T1 or T2. T1 is a term used by medical professionals to explain prostate type of cancer in their very first stages. At this time the tumors are very small they haven’t started to cause any signs and symptoms. T2 is utilized to spell out cancer that, while it is still confined to the prostate related, the twelve signs and symptoms have started to make themselves known.

HIFU Cancer of the prostate Treatment. HIFU uses focused ultrasound as a means to heat and destroy cancer tissue. Focused in the same way a laser is targeted, sound waves strike the targeted tissue and warmth it. The targeting is done with an MRI scan.

The ultrasound pulse that destroys the tissue it strikes carries a small part of effect; only some cubic millimeters. The tissue affected still can’t grow or multiply, but healthy tissue right close to it is left untouched.

Healthy tissue remaining in the prostate post-treatment remains capable of function, grow and multiply normally. Thus giving the person an excellent potential for a complete recovery from your cancer.

Some day Treatment. HIFU is often a non-invasive procedure done on an out-patient basis. An area as well as a general anesthetic receive while the patient will lie upon his side. As soon as the anesthetic has had effect, a rectal probe is inserted until it can be up near the prostate gland. An MRI scans the region in the prostate and the tumors within it are isolated and targeted.

Following your targeting details are collected, the HIFU device sends pulses of focused ultrasound in the tissue afflicted with the cancer. Several cubic mm at the same time, the diseased tissue is heated to 80°C and destroyed. Once heated, the tissue is dead and can no more grow. To deal with the whole lot with the prostate gland takes approximately 3 to 5 hours.

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